Why we are so afraid

It seems fear is prevalent everywhere. Nothing kills dreams faster than fear. I have tried to study the root causes of fear. This led me to Bob Proctor who has been helping people realize their full potential for almost 60 years.

To understand fear we need to understand how our minds work and how they interact with the body. Fear is a state of mind. It is a conditioning of our subconscious mind. We have a conscious and sub-conscious mind. Our conscious mind is capable of thought. We have a “thought” energy which is constantly flowing through us. That is why it is almost impossible not to think. We are bombarded by all sorts of stimuli and information. Our conscious mind can choose which thoughts to dwell on. We can choose to dwell on the negative or the positive.

Dwelling on the negative side of things causes worry and doubts which conditions fear in our sub-conscious. This is ultimately transmitted to our bodies as anxiety. Anxiety is suppressed which leads to depression, disease and ultimately disintegration. Ultimately the root cause of all of this is ignorance in who we truly are. We are God’s highest form of creation. We don’t conform to our environments. We have the power to choose our thoughts.

When we truly understand this we choose to think positive thoughts in all circumstances. We choose to study how our minds work. Fortunately there is an abundance of such information. We must realize that every negative has a positive. That is the law of polarity. Understanding leads to faith which is the opposite of fear. Both fear and faith demand that we believe in something which we can’t see. Faith manifests in well being in our bodies. Well being is expressed, leading to acceleration and being at ease. When we are at ease we are able to create the life we want.

So the question is why would someone choose worry and doubt instead of faith? The answer is lack of understanding which can be eliminated through study. You don’t have to live your life constrained by fear. You are God’s highest form of creation. You were born rich. You are destined to win. Study and learn who you truly are and then take up your rightful place in this world.

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