Manufacturing involves combining raw materials in a certain process to produce a product. For instance in our business we combine tomatoes, onions, spices, and other ingredients to produce a tasty ketchup.

Moneyfacturing is a very similar process. This time the output is money. The inputs include the service or product offering plus the attitude and mindset with which we deliver.

The service and product offering is the easier part. Each one of us is capable of providing some kind of valuable service if we really wanted to.

The problem is usually the attitude with which we deliver it. Many times we show no concern for our customers feelings. We are more than willing to short change our customers. Many times our minds are filled with all sorts of fears and doubts. We lack confidence to step out into the world and grab the opportunities. We are unwilling to let go of old ideas and embrace new ways of thinking. Often times we are quick to give up at the first signs of defeat. We rarely persist until we truly succeed. We fear criticism from all corners even people we don’t care about.

A positive, persistent and forward looking attitude is critical for successful moneyfacturing. When we combine this with effective service delivery catering to peoples needs money will begin to flow into our wallets.

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