Escaping gravity

The only way a rocket-ship enters space is by escaping gravity here on earth. So rockets ships are built with huge tanks of fuel and very powerful engines which provide a very huge thrust at lift off. This initial thrust is powerful enough to lift the rocket ship to overcome the gravitational forces and air resistance.

As we begin 2020 we need to escape gravity. Some of us have eaten and drank too much in the holidays. Some of us are not yet in the work mood. We are still chilling and reminiscing about 2019. This is all the gravity and inertia around us.

The way we overcome this gravity is by building MASSIVE MOMENTUM towards our 2020 MONEY GOALS. We have to rally the troops to move fearlessly in January. Aim to achieve your 2020 targets by June. This way you build a sense of URGENCY to get yourself moving. No time to waste. 2019 is gone. 2020 is upon us. Time to wake up and seize the opportunities before us.

You have the fuel reserves within you to achieve your goals this year. Ignite the fuel and propel yourself to the life you want. Keep moving until you escape GRAVITY.

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