Building Capacity

We recently held a full day capacity building session for our team. We realise that our business can only grow to the extent that our people will grow. So we are deliberately investing in skilling up the team.

This particular session focused on selling skills. It was facilitated by an international brand and marketing consultant who is based in Nairobi. She is called Matilda Babuleka and is an excellent facilitator. This was a full day workshop and she managed to keep the team fully engaged and active.

I learnt among other things the following:

1. The seven factors which drive the market
2. Everyone is responsible for sales
3. Brand building for small businesses
4. Selling skills
5. Steps to a sales call
6. How to lead and motivate a sales team
7. How to market a new product
8. How to handle sales objections
9. How to overcome fear of selling
10. How to track sales performance
11. How to profile customers
12. How to manage stock outs
13. How to handle customer complaints
14. How to add value to our customers
15. How to manage customer relationships
16. How to increase our sales
17. How to close a sale
18. How to present a product to a customer
19. How to use open and closed questions to make a sale
20. How to get an extra yes from each sales call
21. How to become a thought leader with our customers
22. How to position our products in the market
23. How to use market insights to develop new products
24. How to develop new markets
25. How to map out a sales territory

Overall this was a good session and was worth the investment. I recommend that you continuously build your teams as we strive to hit our MONEY GOALS in 2020.

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