Money Profile – Gonzaga Ntege

Who is Gonza?

Gonza is a trained mechanical engineer , tech enthusiast, design enthusiast and an entrepreneur. He is the founder and proprietor of Zopah Uganda Ltd, Aka Boxi, Thriftiug, and Ugplugged.

What does success look like?

Success is passing on what I know to other people through systematic documentation so that it can continue to help others work in my organizations seemlessly.

Tips on handling money?

Live within your means. Prioritize your happiness and needs above those of society.

How do you overcome challenges?

Through continous learning. Where necessary by pivoting or changing course, staying persistent, sheer grit, and sustained focus. It is like that continuous dripping of water that eats away at the rock over time.

What services/products do you offer?

We offer the “Aka Boxi” which is a savings box for children with their favorite cartoon character imprited. Aka Boxi encourages a fun-filled savings experience and teaches kids about money from an early age. It is a mass customization concept.

We also do signage. We provide out of the box signage concepts to help locations stand out.

Plus we do fabrication. We mostly use aluminum and gypsum for office partitioning.

We also help brands grow. We are more of brand implementors following a brand guideline for organization to bring their brand to life through signage, print messaging etc.

We are starting Ugplugged which is an online embedded platform for do-it-yourself enthusiasts that sells Arduino and it’s sensors. It is based on introducing people to the Arduino platform projects and providing parts, support and content for these projects.

I also run Thriftiug which is in the startup phase but is aimed at providing small and medium companies with affordable integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

How can people reach you? and +256759754089

PS. If you would like to be featured on this page for FREE send me your profile and a nice pic on Whatsapp +256788437543.

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