How to double your income in 2020

Human beings are designed to grow. One area we ought to keep growing is in our personal finances. We MUST not allow ourselves to stagnate in our finances at any time.

My annual income has grown by over 30 times since I started working 12 years ago. I have done 14 different jobs and worked with seven organisations in the last decade. I have changed professions five times. I have acquired four different degrees and read thousands of books, blogs and articles in the last decade. I have also attended hundreds of conferences, seminars and workshops. I have started several businesses/projects. Some have succeeded. Some have been utter disasters.

To double your income you have to first be acceptable to the idea. Just the mere thought of doubling one’s income may turn some people off. Once you believe that you can double or even tripple your income the rest is just mechanics.

I have been able to multiply my income over the years by multiplying the investment in my earning ability. Your earning ability is the biggest predictor of wealth. The way to increase your earning ability is through learning. Any skill required to make more money can be acquired if you are willing to put in the work. Learning can be formal, informal or experiential.

If you can accelerate your learning in 2020 you will easily double or even tripple your income.

PS. We shall be holding our fourth MONEY TALK on 31st Jan 2020 at the Office Hive – Kisementi from 6pm. We shall be talking about How to Double our Incomes in 2020. Our guest speaker is Gonzaga Ntege who is a seasoned entrepreneur and knows first hand the hustle of Kampala. We have reduced the participation fee to 30k to allow more people to benefit. Whatsapp 0788437543 to reserve your spot.

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  1. being an online investor can be a huge headache sometimes because of the uncertainty that might come knocking…but ever since i found stratsmining things have been a lot more easier and profit making has been massive.


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