How to build a personal brand

I read two books called “Crush it” and “Crushing it” by Gary Vee last year. These books largely influenced me to start The Money Engineer blog. Gary Vee is one of the biggest brands on personal development and digital marketing on social media. The book basically urges everyone to find their passion and then share good quality content on various social media platforms. The approach should be based on selfless service, relentless consistent action, and compassion for feedback received.

Building a personal brand has never been more important in this digital age. There is too much noise online. Increasingly people are relying on recognizable and reputable brands/personalities to help them with purchase decisions. That is where the opportunity lies.

Suppose you were a dentist who wished to build a brand online. You start a YouTube channel focusing on dental hygiene. You host interesting personalities like comedians and interview them about their favorite tooth paste. As your audience grows you begin to review different dental products. You start dental clubs in different primary schools and offer free dental checkups. Eventually your business and referrals start to grow. You get endorsements from big brands like Colgate, etc. You then start a radio talk show about dental hygiene. You write interesting articles for the NewVision. Then NBS TV comes calling and invites you to talk about dental hygiene. In essence you have built a reputable brand. You are no longer just another dentist hustling around town. You have become an influencer and have found your voice. People listen to you and will easily recommend you to their friends.

I went through high school and campus listening to Seanice Kacungira Lojede on radio. I liked her wit and intellect and the way she would debate with Fat Boy on Sanyu FM. Seanice is now the CEO and co-founder of Blu Flamingo which is an international digital marketing agency with deep expertise in helping brands grow online. Seanice knows first hand how to build a media brand. Seanice gladly accepted to have the General Manager of Blu Flamingo, Pamela Hatega, speak to us at the next Money Talk on 28th Feb 2020. We shall be discussing how to grow our brands online. If you are interested contact us on 0788 437543 for more details.

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