Digital economics

I routinely order for books and equipment from Amazon and Alibaba. I use kindle to buy and read ebooks. I get most of my breaking news from Whatsapp. YouTube is my best TV station. I hardly listen to radio anymore. Instead I consume most of my audio content from podcasts. I make most of my online payments using Paypal.

I have all sorts of apps on my phone. I have apps for finances, notes, fitness, meditation, games, task management, reading, podcasts, Safeboda, Uber, Jumia, etc.

I use Facebook to share insights to many people allover the world. I use Google sheets and other apps to manage my small business. I use Linkedin to connect professionally. I have received many job offers through Linkedin. I can’t even imagine a world without email.

The internet has changed everything. Traditional brick and mortar businesses which refused to adapt to the internet have since collapsed. Traditional bill board advertising is no longer effective. Facebook ads now give me power to target specific people with the right message for less the $1. Learning how to utilise the internet and social media to grow your business is key to your business survival. Personal digital branding is now an essential for career promotion.

There are a million opportunities to make money online through #digitalmarketing. Africa has the youngest population with the fastest growing rate of internet adoption in the world. To get more insights on how to make more money through the internet join us at the #moneytalk on Friday 27th Feb at the Office Hive at the Cube Kisementi.


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