How to achieve your number

Let’s say that you already have a number in your head. This number represents the amount of money you want to make in 2020.

Now we need to figure out how to make it happen. So we are going to mindstorm. Mindstorming is a method for generating creative ideas and solutions to pressing goals or problems.

The process begins with a blank piece of paper. You then write out the goal or the problem at the very top in a question form. For example you can write, “How can I make Ushs 500m in 2020?” You can replace the number with whatever you are comfortable with.

You then write down 20 answers to the question posed. The answers have to be written in the personal, positive, present tense. For example I can write, “I develop and launch three new products in my business.” The answers have to be very specific on the things you can actually do. Keep writing until you reach the twentieth idea.

Once you have 20 ideas go through the list and pick only one idea and act on it immediately. This way you begin building momentum to achieve your goal. This strategy has been proven to work and has been used by millions of people around the world.

Repeat this exercise on a daily basis. At the end of the year you will have generated 7,300 ideas and tried 365 ideas to achieve your goal. The question is what are the odds that one of these ideas will not totally transform your life? All you need is one good idea which is ten percent new to become very rich. Consistently using this method will make you a creative genius. There will be no problem you can’t solve or goal you can’t achieve.

This mindstorming method is referred to as the 20 Idea Method and I learnt it from a book called the Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy.

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