What’s cooking?

This is my favorite question on Sunday. My wife usually prepares a special meal for Sunday lunch. I want to know what’s cooking so I don’t waste my apetite on useless mandazi and chapati instead of chicken luwombo.

The question then becomes what’s cooking in your life in 2020? If you know what’s ahead you will better prepare for it. These are some of the things you need to know as the new year beckons:

You need to know what trends are likely to affect your trade/career in 2020 and how you can you position yourself to take advantage?

Is there any disruptive technology on the horizon? Will crypto currency become mainstream? How can you leverage social media to elevate your brand and service offering?

How will the 2021 elections affect you? Can you position yourself to make some money from all the politicking?

How about the economy? Which sectors are likely to present the best opportunities in 2020? How can you benefit?

Also how are the social dynamics in 2020? We have a young population. What makes them tick? How can you make money from this segment?

Are there any changes in the law which may impact your trade? Are you able to respond appropriately?

Knowing what’s cooking may mean the difference between eating chapati and chicken luwombo for Sunday lunch.

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