Becoming rich in 2020

So we have a number to chase in 2020. We also know how to achieve our number. This number is the amount of money we are chasing in 2020. Make sure you have a number to chase this year.

Now the hard work begins. We must actually start doing the things we set out to do to achieve our number.

We have 365 days in 2020. If we spend each day working on our most important goal we shall definitely achieve it. Of course we shall get distracted, discouraged and bored. When this happens we have to gently refocus and get back on track.

We have to keep our eyes on the prize. If something is not working we have to think about it and make some adjustments. What matters is that we keep moving forward.

Keep learning. Keep dreaming. Keep moving. Stay focussed. May you make as much money as possible in 2020.

Happy new year 2020.

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