Be humble

Just to put things in perspective. The observable Universe is too big to even imagine. The Earth is a tiny planet which rotates around the Sun. The Sun is one of hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way which is one of at least hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe. Many of the stars in our galaxy have planets. Our Universe has existed for billions of years and is still expanding. It is even possible that there are several other Universes and different life forms out there.

The point I am trying to make is to show you how small we all are in the grand scheme of things. Our existence is barely noticed and doesn’t really matter. History, time and the graves will sooner or later wipe out our existence.

Knowing this truth we simply have to live happily and do our best. No need to carry ourselves around with pride and arrogance. Don’t be disturbed by small things. Don’t be afraid of death which is a definite end for all of us.

Be good and do good to others. Strive to live a virtuous life. Work on becoming the best version of yourself. In our brief existence here on earth let us try to live a good life.

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