How I have survived Janworry!

January has been a bit tight. I had several unplanned expenditures including family illnesses. Plus the small business was behaving like a little baby requiring lots of attention, diapers and milk. And ofcourse there is school fees!

Luckily I had some investments in STANLIB which I liquidated in December to cover some business expenses. The rest of the amount I bought a six month T-bill. For the school fees I am using a one year T-bill which is maturing end of Jan 2020. I invested this cash last year in early Feb. Actually I invested some cash in T-bills on a monthly basis last year. This cash is now beginning to mature every other month.

The idea is to reinvest automatically. But since Janworry is upon us I decided to ease my cashflows a little bit by liquidating this particular T-bill.

So thanks to some prudent Money Engineering last year I have been able to survive Janworry.

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