How to attract money in your life

A trained singer can cause a wine glass to break using her voice. She is able to do this because the frequency of her voice matches the frequency of the glass. When this happens the glass begins to vibrate which causes it to break.

Everything around us vibrates. The phone you are holding may seem solid but it simply consists of billions of atoms spinning around at a certain frequency. Things with similar vibration states are drawn to each other. The opposite is true. Things which are not in the same vibration state repel each other. When you plant a seed in the ground it draws to itself particles which are in harmony with it. This causes the seed to fuse with these particles which results in a full grown plant.

It then follows that your vibration state determines the things which are drawn to you. Lucky people seem to only attract good things to themselves. Your vibration state determines the results you are seeing in your life in terms of Happiness, Health and Money.

In order to change your bank balance you need to change your vibration state. You can change your vibration state by holding firm the IDEA of prosperity in your mind. Your vibration state changes when you start believing and having faith in your ability to achieve a certain MONEY GOAL! That is why DEFINITE GOALS are so critical in the Money Engineering game. You have to raise your energy levels to be at par with your ambition. If you are able to do this the thing you desire MUST be attracted to you. This is a definite law of nature and works whether you understand it or not.

A man chasing a billion dollars has very different energy levels compared with a man looking for ten dollars. Part of changing your vibration state involves hanging out with the right people and consuming the right knowledge. That is why attending religious rituals and events can be so therapeutic. So if we desire to have more money in our wallets we need to change our vibration state.

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