Travel to become rich

Rich people are usually open minded and have a broad way of thinking. One of the easiest ways to train your brain to think differently is by travelling to new places.

Throughout my career I have been privileged to travel to several countries around the world. You don’t necessarily have to move out of the country to gain the experience of travelling. Uganda has over 100 districts each with a unique way of life. Uganda also has very many tourist sites. Most districts are easily accessed by bus or taxi. You can also easily move around East Africa by bus for a nominal fee.

These are some of the benefits of traveling I have experienced.

1. You get to meet new people. The world has over 7 billion people. The more people you know the richer you will become. Travelling gives you a chance to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.
2. You experience new languages. We think using our language. Rich people have richer languange and a wide vocabulary to describe their world and the opportunities around them. Poor people have a limited vocabulary. Experiencing a new language forces you to think in a different way. Travelling to Nairobi always forces me to learn and speak a few words in Swahili.
3. You eat different food. Different cultures have different cuisines. Travelling to India sometime back enabled me to eat chicken it all sorts of forms. I never knew chicken could be so tasty.
4. You realise the world is bigger than you. I used to think the Kampala-Express way was such a big deal. Then I travelled to China and realised how little our country is. I was humbled to say the least but also inspired. China has been able to lift millions of people out of poverty and so can we.
5. Your brain is challenged. I was recently in Cairo and was quite challenged by what these people are doing. These Egyptians have effectively utilised the Nile. They are building an entire new city called New Cairo. The project is being done by the Army. It will be home to 6.5 million people. The project started in 2016 and you can see that these are people of action who mean what they say. It shows you ambition in progress.
6. You use different money. If you aspire to be rich you need to touch different currencies. Start thinking in terms of dollars, pounds, Yen, etc. Travelling gives you a chance to interact with different currencies.
7. You mind sharpens. I was once in O.R. Tambo International airport in Johannesburg and I got lost. No one had the time to show me around. So I had to sharpen my brain and carefully read and follow all instructions to get to my boarding gate. In a foreign land your senses are more awake to be able to survive.
8. You learn to live on your own. Rich people are independent minded. Travelling gives you a chance to live on your own.
9. You see business opportunities. I have seen countless opportunities to make money. I have seen exact replicas of local products when I was abroad. Basically these people travelled, saw a product, imported it, repackaged it and then sold it in Uganda.
10. You become more disciplined. I was in Madrid – Spain some years ago and saw what a discplined society looks like. Everything moved like clock work. I contrasted this with the chaos in Kampala and realised we still have a long way to go. Development is not all about roads and dams. The most sustainable development is actually developing people’s mindsets and way of thinking. Once Ugandans begin to collectively think and act in a certain way, this country will take off exponentially.

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