How to become an expert in your field

In any field or industry 20 percent of the people or companies earn 80 percent of the money. This is commonly referred to as the pareto principle. This principle applies to almost all areas of life. Only 20% of your relationships are truly meaningful. Only a few habits are keeping you broke. You only have to focus on a few things to become rich.

It thus makes sense to strive to become an expert in your field. By doing so you will earn nost of the money available in your field.

The strategy is very simple. Simply dedicate two hours everyday for the next three to five years working on your craft or expertise. Pick one specific area which is lucrative in your field and focus all your energies there. Study and read the best journals in your field. Talk to the best people in your industry. Go to workshops and conferences around the world. Become obsessed with knowledge acquisition in your field. Research and apply new ways of doing things. Since very people do these things you will easily curve out a niche for yourself.

Once you have began acquiring this new knowledge begin to write and speak about them to the right audience. Publish papers in technical journals. Speak at professional meetings. Create a professional website. Write a book on the subject matter. Create a blog about your work. In other words market yourself aggressively.

I can guarantee you that within 3 to 5 years you will be a leading expert in your field and your income will grow astronomically.

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