How to survive Christmas

The festive bonanza is upon us and we are about to go on a spending spree. Our wallets will be totally dry by end of January. It will start with Christmas spending, followed by New Years celebrations. Then school fees will come upon us like a surprise.

Here are some strategies to maintain financial sanity this period.

1. Make a budget. I know this word sounds boring to many people. But it is essential you plan how you are going to spend your money so you don’t go broke.
2. Share costs. Have joint celebrations with family and friends. Let everyone contribute something. This way you take advantage of economies of scale and you reduce your spend.
3. Be modest in your celebrations. You don’t need to eat all types of meat on Christmas. You also don’t have to drink all types of soda and beer on New Year’s eve.
4. Reflect on the previous year. It is time to pull out your new year resolutions and assess how far you have come. What went well? What could you improve? What should you continue doing? Reflection is food for champions.
5. Plan for next year. All the big companies around town are finalising their plans and budgets for next year. They are basically strategising to take away your money in 2020. You need to become wise as well by planning out your year and finances in 2020. You then take this written plan and dedicate it to God on New Years eve. Don’t be like the naive masses who go for New Years prayers every year expecting random financial miracles without any effort on their part.
6. Host the less fortunate. Invite the less fortunate for Christmas lunch. It will show your kids the meaning of true love and what Christmas is all about.
7. Pay school fees now. It is almost impossible to save money in a celebratory mood. So if you can, pay part of the school fees now to reduce the burden in February.
8. Make some money. People are willing to spend this season. Find something you can sell. Go to kikuubo and find something you can take and sell in your village. People are buying decorations, shoes, food, etc.
9. Enjoy the season even if money is tight. This season is about love and celebration. Money can’t buy love. You don’t need much to show and receive affection.
10. Be with your family. It is time to finally unwind from the hustle of the year and rekindle family ties. Take the family for a vacation. Have some fun. Count your blessings.

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