Money lessons from Rema’s intro

The love saga between singer Rema, Eddy Kenzo and Dr. Hamza has been all over the news. The story climaxed with a lavish introduction ceremony which was broadcast live on local TV. I tried to avoid it but to no avail. In the end I decided to follow the story and see If could learn something interesting.

Obviously singer Rema Namakula had a big vision for her function. She desired something grand which would captivate the entire nation. Having broken it up with superstar Eddy Kenzo didn’t stop her from proceeding with her plans. There was a lot of backlash from all corners for her settling down with a fairly unknown personality in Dr. Hamza. I like that Rema stuck to her guns and proceeded with her wedding. Once you conceive an idea or business opportunity you will meet a lot of resistance in trying to set it up. You must have the conviction to see things through to the very end. We need to dream big and not be afraid of attracting a lot of attention onto ourselves.

Rema and Dr. Hamza managed to grab our attention. I am sure she sold this attention to media houses for a lot of money. In return she offset the costs of the function. She must have received several sponsorship packages for her wedding. This is actually very smart. Rema is a popular brand. She used this power to leverage good deals to get what she wants. The Rema brand was not built in one day. It has taken several years of painstaking work. I learnt the value of creating and marketing a personal brand. Many times we go through our lives without generating any attention at all. We are like extras in our own movie. We should strive to be superstars in our own lives.

There was a lot of detailed planning which went into this event. There must have been some kind of wedding committee. Service providers were contracted. Teams of people set up everything on site. Money was raised and spent. Flowers were arranged. Costumes were designed. The media buzz was orchestrated. This event was pulled off with a lot of foresight. Nothing great happens randomly. You can’t become rich without careful planning. It helps if your plans to make money are written down. You also need to mobilize people and resources to help you achieve your dreams.

The couple clearly had a lot fun. There was a lot of pomp and they were not shy about it. Have fun while you are building something great. Show off your talents. Become your own cheer leader. Passion is critical in achieving your dreams. Do things which you enjoy doing naturally. When someone is passionate about something they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I also learnt about Love niggaz and semyekozos. A love nigga is apparently someone who keeps a girl around but never commits. Sometimes we behave like semyekozos in our businesses and careers. We never to commit to anything worthwhile. As we are busy chasing many things we miss the opportunities before us.

Overall this was a lovely event and it goes to show that what the mind can conceive it can realize.

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