Become a person of integrity

I have been with my mechanic for ten years. He was referred to me by a friend. Whenever my car has an issue I give him a call and he picks the car. I don’t know where his garage is. I don’t have a copy of his national ID. I don’t know where he stays. I have paid him millions over the years and referred him to many people.

The only reason I have stuck with him is because I trust him. It does not make any economic sense to cheat and lie to your customers and business partners. If you are a person of your word, banks will gladly give you credit. Suppliers will extend generous credit terms. Employees will give you their heart and soul if they know you have their best interests. Customers will keep coming back. Your spouse will be happy. I have fired many service providers because of lack of integrity.

Things move faster in an environment where people trust each other. I have worked in environments where there was little trust. Everything you did was double checked and doubted. As a result people became so self centered and lost vision of the company goals and we started struggling to meet our targets.

Our society is plagued by corruption at all levels. Corruption is a very ineffective and unsustainable strategy in business. You can’t bribe your customers to buy your services. What customers want is quality goods and services at a reasonable cost. If you give people what they want they will sing your praises all the time. They will give you all their money if they believe and trust in you.

Become a person of integrity and character and money will be constantly drawn to you.

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