How to make a lot of money

The Money Engineer

First of all we need to define what a lot of money is. The money you make is not the money you earn but rather what you keep for yourself. In business this amount is called profit. In your personal finances it is called savings.

The goal is to increase profits and savings. There are only two ways to do this. Either you increase your income or reduce expenses. In the short term it is much easier to reduce on your expenses. It is quite possible for someone who earns little to have a higher profit than someone who earns much more.

We also need to know our networth. Our networth is the difference between our assets and liabilities. Our goal is to increase our networth overtime. When your liabilities exceed your assets you are technically bankrupt. Many so called “rich people” are actually heavily indebted and bankrupt. Don’t be deceived by the flashy lifestyles.

The way we increase our networth is by using our profits or savings to buy assets. The assets then increase in value and bring in more cash. The cash increases our profits which we then reinvest and as such the networth keeps growing.

See making a lot of money is quite easy. Inbox your email address and I will send you a free template to compute your networth and profits or savings.

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