10 ways to make money online

Here are some simple ways to make money online. No need to die of poverty!

1. YouTube Channel. Start an interesting YouTube channel and sell adverts. Your channel can be about anything to captivate the audience. People are drawn to entertainment, gossip, comedy, breaking news, and any weird stuff you can think of.

2. Become a virtual assistant. Busy executives in the developed world are looking to hire smart cheap personal executives abroad. There are various sites online where you can sign up and get training.

3. Teach and train. You can create an online course and host it on udemy.com or any other similar site. You can start by teaching foreigners how to speak your local language.

4. Perform simple assignments online. Sites like freelancer.com let you bid on simple tasks like doing some Excel or data input.

5. Affiliate marketing. Check out amazon.com and other sites and see what they have to offer to become an affiliate who promotes their products.

6. Write a book and self publish on amazon.com. Research your audience and then come up with great content. I have written and published a book on backyard fish farming.

7. Create a website and sell adverts. Focus on a niche market and create great content. People love gossip, entertainment and news.

8. Sell some stuff on jumia.com or other similar sites.

9. Sell a service online. For example if you are good at graphic design you can sell your services at specific sites for a fee.

10. Masterminds and coaching. For example I started this Facebook blog about money and I now host a monthly Money Breakfast which goes for 50k per session. I also offer personal finance coaching services to a few people. From this blog I am doing paid speaking engagements. You can start anything where you have expertise and passion.

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