Solve big problems to become rich

The people who manage to solve the biggest problems in our society end up acquiring alot of wealth. The car is a solution to land transportation and that is why Toyota makes a lot of money. MTN makes billions solving a communication problem. Nakasero hospital makes a lot of money solving a health problem.

Every problem carries with it an equal and opposite opportunity. That is the law of polarity. Every problem has a solution. We must train ourselves to see the opportunities amid the problems.

Uganda has many problems and therefore many opportunities. There are massive opportunities in dealing with poverty, unemployment, health, education, governance, transportation, trade, housing, energy, security, food, communication, population, infrastructure, etc.

Instead of lamenting about unemployment why don’t you start a small business and employ a few young people. Unemployment means a lot of skilled cheap labour.

Reconsider the work you are currently doing. Are you solving the biggest problem available? If you dream of making a lot of money you may need to change vocations and start tackling the biggest challenges around town.

Remember the bigger the challenge the greater the opportunity to make a lot of money. And the good news is that you will have very little competition since most people are busy bickering over little problems.

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