How to overcome a Poverty Mindset

A Poverty mindset is a belief system that life is full of scarcity. It is the mindset that things are hard to get, that money is hard to earn, and that there isn’t enough out there for us. … Refusing to invest in ourselves because we don’t want to spend money is a form of poverty mindset. The cause of our money problems is usually a deeply embedded Poverty Mindset which we are usually not even aware of.

So how does one overcome a poverty mindset. Here is what I have gathered so far.

1. Be grateful. Gratitude forces you to see the good in yourself and in others. This increases you well being and creates a mindset of possibilities. Being grateful also neutralizes the victim mentality. This then has the effect of pushing someone to take action on the opportunities before them.

2. Become more generous. Generosity is a sign of faith that you are blessed and wealthy beyond measure. As you give so shall you receive. So give more of your money, time and energy.

3. Have some ambition in life. Poor people lack ambition and that is why they stay poor. Having goals and dreaming of better things to come puts one in a state of readiness to take action to improve themselves.

4. Be happy for other people’s success and wealth. Poor people are often jealous of other people’s success and wealth. Holding negative views about other people’s wealth plants seeds of self-doubt within your mind. If you covet your neighbor’s range rover be sure that you will never drive one.

5. Take some risks. Poor people don’t take any risks. They are happy with the way things are. Take some risks. Start a business. Save some money. Invest in an idea. Invest in meaningful relationships.

6. Spoil yourself within reason. Poor people have a scarcity mindset. They strive to save pennies and hardly spoil themselves. Buy yourself something nice once in a while. Eat at a nice restaurant. Travel. Buy a nice book.

7. Expand your mind and views about money. Read. Learn. Seek out new learning experiences to expand your mind about wealth and money. Learning will help to offset all prior inaccurate information about money.

8. Hang out with rich and successful people. You are the average of the five people you usually hang around. Birds of a feather flock together. Look around you. You are becoming what your friends are. Rich people hang out with fellow rich people.

9. Delay immediate gratification. Spending excessively is a form of poverty. Unconsciously you are scared of lacking material things and you end up in debt or broke. Basically you spend to run away from feeling broke and you end up broke. Learn to save and invest for the long run and guarantee your financial security.

10. Take responsibility for your financial situation. Finally take responsibility. Blaming other people and the world for your money problems won’t solve them. You have the power within you to create a lot of wealth. You are God’s highest form of creation. You can create the life you want.

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