What is your excuse for not being RICH?

I used to have a nice long list of all sorts of excuses for being broke. I wonder if you can relate to some of them?

1. My company does not pay me enough;
2. The taxes are too high;
3. The rent is too much;
4. I come from a poor family;
5. I am not very clever;
6. Money is the root of all evil;
7. Money is not that important;
8. I don’t really need a lot of money;
9. RICH people are crooks;
10. The government is corrupt;
11. The government is keeping us poor;
12. This country sucks;
13. I don’t have money to invest;
14. I don’t have a job;
15. I am still studying;
16. I have too many responsibilities;
17. The interest rates are too high;
18. They have refused to increase my salary;
19. I wish I was born in another country;
20. The government has not created enough opportunities;
21. My tribe has been sidelined;
22. I can’t live like a pauper;
23. I need to live a certain lifestyle;
24. I have too many loans;
25. Saving money is too hard;
26. God will take care of me;
27. The education system is messed up;
28. Inflation is too high;
29. Life is just too hard;
30. I am so unlucky;
31. Business is tough;
32. Someone is bewitching me;
33. I have lost favor with God;
34. People don’t wish me well;
35. My children will make their own money;
36. My husband will look after me;
37. The economy is tight;
38. Nothing works in this country;
39. I studied the wrong course;
40. I am in the wrong profession;

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