All you need is ONE IDEA to become RICH

One idea can make you RICH and the best part is that ideas are free of charge. Bill Gates had only one idea and made most his wealth selling desktop software. Warren Buffet holds most of his stock in one company.

Ideas and opportunities to make money are all around us. You just have to look and you will see them. Take a walk in your neighborhood and observe closely all the economic activity taking place. Observe the Boda guy offering transport services. Notice all the small shops selling products. You can easily make and supply similar products. You can open up your own shop. Notice all the houses and think of all the products which went into their construction (cement, timber, tiles, etc). You could easily supply any of these items. Notice the schools and kindergartens offering education services. Notice all the cars and think of what it takes to service, maintain, and protect them. You could easily supply spare parts, open a car wash, sell vehicle insurance, etc. See all the bars making money selling happiness and relaxation.

Check out all the beauty salons selling self esteem. See all the gambling houses selling hope and big dreams. Check out all the churches selling faith and euphoria. Look at the street performer selling entertainment.

Notice all the busy people providing all sorts of labor. You can replicate exactly what all these people are doing and you will earn money. Think of increasing the QUANTITY, QUALITY, and the ATTITUDE with which these people are offering their PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

If you do this and ACT on all these ideas which come to your MIND you will certainly become RICH.

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