The Law of Receiving

The Law of Receiving basically states that we must GIVE before we RECEIVE. If we want more money in our lives we should not focus on receiving more money. We must instead focus on what we can give to get more money.

The principle of life upon which this Law is based is clearly written. It reads, “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.” Giving always precedes and predetermines the reception, whether you are giving your thought, your word, your service, or your deed.

Money came into form to fill the need for exchange and on that purpose it is “all intent.” Let our attitude toward it be what it may, money will remain true to its nature as long as it is needed by its master, Man. If we fail to pay full value in an exchange, we fail to understand the prospering Law back of the idea. Money represents the law of services; its value is the estimation of worth placed upon it by the mind of man, while its form is designed to insure the easiest exchange. When we give our best in some useful service, forgetful of self, concentrating on the joy of giving instead of concentrating on the returns, we find that our purpose and the purpose of money have blended and we come together in righteousness and eternal good.

He who gives much receives much. To give your best is to receive the best in ratio to the degree of your giving. The reason why so many people receive little is because they give out so little. They are poverty – stricken because they refuse to give. Whatever the nature of your possessions, give and give abundantly. You are to give of your life, interest, energy, thought, ability, love, appreciation, and helpfulness. In giving of your life, thought and love, in doing gladly and well whatever you may be called upon to do, you express your best, and the more you give the more you receive. This does not mean that you are to give to the selfish and thoughtless, but to so order your life as to make a full and proper use of your energies, faculties, and talents in useful living. If today your abilities are small and your powers insignificant, begin now to make a more thorough use of them and they will grow.

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