The Law of Increase

The Law of Increase basically states that what we praise increases in response. Praise is basically an expression of respect and gratitude to someone or something. Various religions know the secret behind praise and have incorporated it in their worship routines.

The whole creation responds to praise and is glad. You may have noted how a trainer, after each performance of his charges, would give them a satisfied pat or some morsel of food they especially liked. That man was wise in using the Law in bringing out the best work from his charges and thereby giving the best performance. You have noticed perhaps how children will glow with gladness and joy when they receive commendation and praise. Those who have trouble with their servants or helpers can learn much by using this method and will find a great difference in the quality and quantity of work produced.

Praise changes our observation, our whole outlook of life. In the past we were in the habit of seeking our weaknesses and failings, as well as the shortcomings of others, but now we see differently. We look for the accomplishments, the good, and the beauty that is worthy of our praise. This, in turn, has a dual effect. It enriches our human self and we are able to radiate praise, joy, courage, and happiness to all who are affected by our influence. It affects our inner self in such a way that our memory begins to retain all praiseworthy thoughts sent to it. This sets up a new system of thinking and gradually the old thoughts that were destroying become absorbed in the new ones. Thus it becomes habitual to think praises, and our life takes on the likeness of all good
that is worth praising.

Praise with the heart is far more vital and effectual than praise with the head or praise from the lips. Praise raises man’s state of consciousness that he may become more receptive to the good about him and lifts him above the lack of it. Praise raises man’s vibration, speeds up his activity, stimulates his faith and contacts a higher realm of thought.

As we begin to praise ourselves, our nation, spouses, jobs, families, businesses, and finances our minds become attuned to the good and opportunity around us. Eventually you will begin to ACT on these opportunities and your personal finances will improve.

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