The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation states that the amount of money you earn is in direct proportion to the the NEED for what you do, how GOOD you are at what you do and the DIFFICULTY of replacing you.

So find something people really NEED and begin at once to offer it. People need food, entertainment, clothing, medication, shelter, education, hope, knowledge, inspiration, love, connection, excitement, information, security, intellectual stimulation, travel, meaning, order, esteem, etc. The list is endless!

Next become so GOOD at fulfilling that particular need. You do this through self education. When you perform your tasks to the very best of your ability, or when you are thorough in your work and do it well, you infallibly bring out the best there is in you. Otherwise expressed, you grow more capable and efficient. You become better, and thereby show your growing superiority. And the Law is that he who becomes better will attract the better and be given the greater things to do.The internet has all the knowledge you will ever need to solve any problem and need. The only investment you need is TIME.

Finally make it so DIFFICULT to replace you in your chosen vocation. If you dedicate one hour everyday improving and learning about your field for the next 5 years you will be at the top of your industry and you will command significant sums of MONEY. Also increase the quantity, quality and attitude with which you offer your products and services and the sky will be the limit.

The Law of compensation is an exact law just like gravity. It works whether you believe it or not.

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