The Law of Non – Resistance

The law of non-resistance states that when we resist a condition, person, or thing that we don’t like or want, we are adding power to it. So instead of focusing on not being broke we should focus on being rich. Have you ever tried to let go of a bad habit like drinking alcohol? The harder you try the more the habit becomes stronger. The harder you try to get out of debt the more you get into debt. The harder you try to stop spending impulsively the more you spend. So if you find yourself in a situation right now that does not quite work the way you want, strop resisting, release control.

The Law does not require us to work over or against the things we do NOT want but it does require us to work with and for that which we DO want. We dare not give our time, thought and energy to that which is opposed to what we want. That is setting up a resistance contrary to the Law and barring the way for our good to come in. How, then, shall we work for prosperity? By being non-resistant and in agreement with all that is prosperous and using every means at our command to make it easy for prosperity to come in.

Water is very powerful, yet it is a perfect non- resistant element. We can see where it has worn away the hardest rock. We have seen it sweep everything before its torrential outburst. Bridges, buildings, trees, nothing can withstand its force. Yet, note how the great river begins. It starts with a small stream or brook high up in the mountains where the ice and snow feed it in the springtime. Note also that it is a very crooked little stream, nothing like the great river it finally flows into. You see the little stream of water run into a huge boulder, a fallen tree, or debris made up of bushes, decayed leaves, and the like. Does the little stream stop with the obstacle and wait for its force to build up so that it can push the opposition from its path? No, the little stream is not interested so much in the boulder or tree as it is in hurrying along and reaching a larger stream, a river, and then the mighty ocean. It does not waste any time with the obstacle, but quietly works its way around the interference and hurries on. It is urged to meet a river and then to be a part of the mighty ocean. Thus, we see that little stream wind its way round and round many crooks and turns, but every turn
takes it nearer its goal.

If we go through life, fighting, opposing, resisting, arguing, we are bound to meet with many obstacles and likely become so occupied fighting them that we lose sight of our real objective. If we are always getting steeled for the next opposition or trouble we can expect plenty of it. Whereas if we strive to make little of the obstacle and keep our minds on the objective or the desire we set out to gain, we may have to wind around and around, but if we persevere we will ultimately win. We will reach the goal.

Another lesson we may learn from the stream is that when it is small and struggling it has the most difficult time. In the beginning it will have so many obstacles across its path that it is ever winding around to avoid direct opposition. Silently it uses the Law to be non-resistant and it grows stronger in force and volume. When it becomes a larger stream and then a river its path is more direct and the obstacles become less and less. Then it is not far from the mighty ocean.

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