Law of Forgiveness

The Law of Forgiveness states that as we forgive so shall we be forgiven. Man becomes what he thinks about. Negative results are the consequence of negative thoughts. Religions refer to this as sin. The only way to eliminate sin is through repentance and forgiveness. The Law reads that certain ideas must be dissolved and cleared from the mind in order that other ideas or new ideas of a different character may replace them. It may be explained as a bottle that is already full which must be emptied before it can be refilled or added to.

So we need to let go of old ideas around money. We must forgive people we perceive to have ill gotten wealth. We must forgive the corrupt. We must forgive those who have stolen from us. As we forgive we release the negative tensions in our lives. This enables our minds to appreciate that which is truly abundant around us. For example, if you hold in your mind that someone has wronged you or has treated you unjustly, you cannot be free from your wrongdoings or injustice so long as you hold that thought in your consciousness.

We must forgive old debts. So long as we believe in the necessity and reality of debt, such debt will continue to endure. So long as we believe in debts we shall get into debt and continue to collect all the burdens and headaches that come with them. He who does not in his own thought release all men who owe him stands liable, himself, to fall into debt. If we send receipted bills to all who owe us, would that relieve us from the burden of debt? No, the signing of the receipts does not erase the idea of debt from our minds.

First we must erase from our minds the thought that anyone can owe us anything. This then will bring us into a clear atmosphere in which we sow seeds or ideas of abundance for those who are indebted to us. In this way the debtors will find their minds more fertile soil to bring forth thoughts of abundance. When they catch the spirit of the free flowing thought of plenty, they will be happy to pay their debts, and all that is justly ours will come to us cheerfully. In other words, when we free our minds from all thoughts of debt and try to realize more and more the presence of plenty, we shall soon be strong enough to reach out and realize abundance for our debtors. As they are lifted up from the thoughts of limitation and lack, they will attract more and more substance with which they can pay their bills. In this way, and only in this way, can debts be permanently canceled. Through applying the Law of Forgiveness both parties concerned will be lifted from a debt consciousness to a prosperous consciousness, and prosperity and plenty shall abound.

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