How I manage to write an article daily

The very successful comedian Jerry Seinfeld once gave a young comic named Brad Isaac some advice about how to write and create material. Keep a calendar, he told him, and each day that you write jokes, put an X.
Soon enough, you get a chain going—and then your job is to simply not break the chain. Success becomes
a matter of momentum. Once you get a little, it’s easier to keep it going.

This strategy of building a chain of daily tasks/habits and not breaking it is usually referred to as the Seinfeld strategy. Once I committed to writing and posting daily I now feel guilty every time I consider missing even a single day. This ensures that whatever happens an article MUST get posted daily.

The Seinfeld strategy can be applied to your finances as well. Once you start saving some money monthly or start paying down debt or whatever, just make sure you do it every month without fail. Soon you build a track record of achievement which you don’t want to break. You basically set yourself up for success.

To make the strategy work effectively and to provide visual feedback on your progress get a large monthly calendar and pin it on the door in your bedroom. Each time you accomplish a task mark that day with an “X”. Soon you will establish a chain of Xs which you will not want to break. Within no time you will establish good money habits or break negative habits.

The Seinfeld strategy can be applied to all other areas of life. You can decide to complement your partner daily. You can read one page of a book daily. You can decide to say nothing negative daily. You can take a walk daily. You can recite your money goals daily.

The Seinfeld strategy can literally change your life if you adopt it in any area of your life you wish to improve. It is also an effective antidote against the bad habit of procrastination.

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