Poverty is a disease

The other day I watched in horror a video clip of the recent surge in xenophobic attacks in South Africa. This got me reflecting about the incident and what lessons could be drawn from it.

The most likely cause of these incidents is poverty. Poverty is a disease. Poverty is not mere lack of material possessions. Poverty is not living below the one dollar a day poverty line. You can be poor in character. You can be poor in spirit. You can be poor in attitude. You can have a poverty mindset.

Wherever poverty exists in any form it reduces people’s self esteem in all aspects. This loss of esteem can cause people to act in un-predictable ways.

It is our duty to fight poverty wherever it exists. Let everyone play their part. Let us all work to reduce inequality and injustice in our communities. Let us support community causes and projects. Let’s educate our people. Let us share knowledge and change mindsets. Let us enlighten people’s souls and minds. Let us share what we have and not be indifferent to the poverty around us.

Let us strive to become truly rich and banish this curse of poverty upon our land.

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