Personal Investment report for May 2019

I decided to start tracking all my personal financial transactions starting January 2018. To date I have seen significant improvement in my personal finances. I am currently debt free and have a net positive cash flow on a monthly basis. My loan portfolio has reduced by 100% from January 2018.

My financial assets have significantly grown as can be seen on the image attached. I have monthly goals for income, expenses, savings, and investments. I also compute and track key financial ratio like savings rate, monthly living ratio, gross savings rate and so on. My net assets are positive and have tremendously grown since I paid off all my loans. None of my assets are funded by debt whatsoever.

My financial assets include cash, Treasury Bills, Unit trusts, Shares, and Insurance products. My net assets have increased by 27% since October 2018. My financial assets have increased by 12% since October 2018. I am currently earning an average of 10% on my financial assets.

As can be seen from the chart I usually invest what I set out to invest consistently. No excuses whatsoever. I barely had any savings a year ago and was living pay check to pay check. Currently I can survive for over a year without a job. I can survive longer if I liquidate other physical assets like land, houses, etc.

From the chart I have established investment goals up to the end of my current contract with my employer which expires in April 2022. I will update the chart and financial goals should I choose to renew my contract.

I have also invested in a small manufacturing business with my younger brother and will update you on progress. We have also established an additional 10 acres of pine forest in Nakasongola under a managed forest arrangement.

All these things have happened without any significant changes in my income. Just a matter of envisioning what needs to be done and aggressively pursuing it.

So that is my Investment report for May 2019. I will continue to update you on progress on a quarterly basis.

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