Money misconceptions

I don’t know where all my money goes? Before I know it all the salary is gone. I am really terrible with money. I can’t walk with money in my pocket because before I know it I will have spent all of it. I don’t want to deprive myself so I don’t budget. But it so hard to track all these investment things you talk about. You are being so tight with your money. I think I need to borrow some money and import a new car. How come this salary is never enough. I wish I could get a promotion and start saving. Rich people don’t budget. My mistress needs a new a car. Why should I save yet I am going to die anyway. My salary is too little to budget. I can’t save 100 million shillings.

Sometimes I hear this kind of talk from well educated people and I feel like smacking them right in the face to wake them up. After a second or two I compose myself and then proceed to provide them with the right information.

It is really up to them to listen and change their ways with money.

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