11 ways to reduce your Yaka bill

Worried about a beeping Yaka meter? Here are some easy ways to reduce your electricity bill.

1. Use LED bulbs. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than normal bulbs.
2. Unplug unused electronics. Standby power can account for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity use
3. Turn off unnecessary lights. Train your family not to waste power by leaving lights on in an unoccupied rooms.
4. Shower cold water. The benefits of showering cold water are well documented and include; increased alertness, refined hair and skin, improved immunity and circulation, stimulates weight loss, speeds up muscle soreness and recovery, eases stress, and relieves depression.
5. Install solar for lighting. There are several options to choose from in the market including rechargeable lamps for security lighting.
6. Install solar water heater. It is much cheaper in the long run.
7. Buy a pressure cooker to boil beans and other dry cereals. You can easily get pressure cookers from several super markets around town.
8. Buy more efficient gadgets like fridges with a thermostat and which preserve the cold for several hours even without power.
9. Use gas for cooking instead of electricity. Or at least use both concurrently.
10. Cook with lids on. This will enable your food to properly cook in the sufficient time allotted, and not waste more energy with unnecessary heat escaping.
11. Keep the refrigerator door closed. Each time you open the refrigerator, up to 1/4 of the cold air inside can leak out. Stop making unnecessary trips to the fridge.

Why slave away at work only to end paying bills at the end of the month. You deserve to keep some of the dimes for yourself!

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