The 5 Laws of Gold

An extract from the richest man in Babylon written in the 1920’s by George S. Clason.

Gold cometh gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put by not less than one-tenth of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family.

“Any man who will put by one-tenth of his earnings consistently and invest it wisely will surely create a valuable estate that will provide an income for him in the future and further guarantee safety for his family in case the Gods call him to the world of darkness. This law always sayeth that gold cometh gladly to such a man. I can truly certify this in my own life. The more gold I accumulate, the more readily it comes to me and in increased quantities. The gold which I save earns more, even as yours will, and its earnings earn more, and this is the working out of the first law.”

Gold laboureth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field.

“Gold, indeed, is a willing worker. It is ever eager to multiply when opportunity presents itself. To every man who hath a store of gold set by, opportunity comes for its most profitable use. As the years pass, it multiplies itself in surprising fashion.”

Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.

“Gold, indeed, clingeth to the cautious owner, even as it flees the careless owner. The man who seeks the advice of men wise in handling gold soon learneth not to jeopardize his treasure, but to preserve in safety and to enjoy in contentment its consistent increase.”

Gold slippeth away front the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep.

“To the man who hath gold, yet is not skilled in its handling, many uses for it appear most profitable. Too
often these are fraught with danger of loss, and if properly analyzed by wise men, show small possibility of
profit. Therefore, the inexperienced owner of gold who trusts to his own judgment and invests it in businesses or
purposes with which he is not familiar, too often finds his judgment imperfect, and pays with his treasure for
his inexperience. Wise, indeed, is he who investeth his treasures under the advice of men skilled in the ways of

Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings\or who followeth the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment.

“Fanciful propositions that thrill like adventure tales always come to the new owner of gold. These
appear to endow his treasure with magic powers that will enable it to make impossible earnings. Yet heed
ye the wise men for verily they know the risks that lurk behind every plan to make great wealth

“Forget not the rich men of Nineveh who would take no chance of losing their principal or tying it up
in unprofitable investments.”

“This ends my tale of the five laws of gold. In telling it to thee, I have told the secrets of my own
success. Yet, they are not secrets but truths which every man must first learn and then follow who wishes to
step out of the multitude that, like yon wild dogs, I must worry each day for food to eat.”

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