Setting up the Nursery Bed!

The old batch of tomatoes is almost done and so a new cycle has to start.

First we need to set up a fairly modern nursery. We are growing high quality tomato seeds from the Netherlands. We have improvised a shade net to house the seedlings. The shade net regulates the amount of light hitting the young plants and keeps away pests like insects and birds.

The shade net is an old mosquito net. I know the Ministry of Health will not like that I am using a mosquito net for other things. But they will be happy to know that everyone at home sleeps under a mosquito net.

The seedlings are grown in plastic trays as can be seen from the pictures. The growing material is called peat moss which had to be imported from the Netherlands. Alternatively you can use ordinary soil. The only challenge is that ordinary soil is full of fungi and bacteria whereas the peat moss is inert and has high water retention properties.

The seedlings will spend 4 weeks in the nursery before being transplanted.

The first 4 weeks of the tomato are the most important part in ensuring the plant is healthy and will thrive and yield a bumper harvest.

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