Market development 101

The small garden experiment ended up yielding alot of produce especially tomatoes. All these tomatoes are just from 60 plants!

We were then confronted with another challenge. How the hell do we sell all these tomatoes? My business degrees didn’t prove any useful at this point!

I recall a time someone reached out to me saying they had two tonnes of fish and wondered where to sell them! Before one ventures into any business venture you need to know where your market is.

First we tried to eat all the tomatoes. Salads, tomato juice, but it became too much! Next we gave some away to visiting friends and family. But the tomatoes were still too many. We sold a few to some curious people passing by.

I have always been shy so the whole issue of selling is really nerve wrecking for me. My wife on the other hand is the direct opposite and took up the marketing role in stride. She packed the tomatoes in black kaveeras of 5,000 each and put them in her car and drove to work! She managed to sell the entire lot! She did the same thing for beans, sukuma, and onions.

I finally got around to the idea of doing the same at my workplace of course outside working hours. Needless to say we were overwhelmed by the demand! We also supplied another office with tomatoes.

Overnight we had quickly developed a market for our produce. The customers got more produce for a lesser cost and our tomatoes were better quality than they are normally used to.

The only challenge now is sustaining the weekly demand! We are considering investing in a greenhouse to ensure consistent quality supply throughout the year.

Will keep you posted on the Greenhouse project!

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