Setting up a new backyard fish pond!

With the lessons learnt from the aquaponics system we decided to set up a bigger backyard fish pond.

This pond is above the ground and will be built using old pieces of wood. It will be lined with a commercial grade pond liner and then filled with water.

Each pond is 4.5m by 2m by 1.2m depth and carries about 10,000 litres of water. There are two ponds and each has a capacity to carry about 1,000 fish.

The ponds will carry mainly catfish since it is more resilient to poor water quality. The water will be manually recycled and the waste water from the ponds will be used to fertilise the plants.

This project is about 10 times the aquaponics system. Growth is essential in any undertaking and in life generally. You have to continuously grow and scale just to be able to survive. However growth usually constrains available resources and it is important to balance the short term needs with the long term prospects.

Pursue your interests and continue to grow and scale!


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