3 simple things to achieve financial freedom

The following three practices if done consistently over a couple of years will really transform your finances;

1. Save 20% of all the money you ever earn. Over a lifetime this cash is really going to add up. If 20% is too high start with 5% or 10% and gradually increase it.

2. Automate this savings decision. Saving money is hard. So you need to create a system that allows you to do this without too much pain. Save the money before you even touch it. If you are employed instruct the accountant to remove this cash and send it to a SACCO or some other place. You can also set up standing orders on your bank account and mobile money as well. This simple practice will enable you to accumulate some cash.

3. Invest the savings in a simple unit trust. In a unit trust, individuals pool resources together and a fund manager invests on your behalf. Unit trusts are simple to understand and your principal is also safe plus they pay a moderate interest rate. They are also passive investments, are very liquid and you can deposit and withdraw cash at any time.

These three practices of saving 20% of your income; automating the savings decision; and investing these savings in unit trusts will really transform your financial life. Now if you add on continuous learning to improve your skills and then manage personal debt, you will be on your way to financial freedom within a few years.

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