Farming tips

Farming is a potentially good gig but full of risk. I have learnt that you can minimise the risk by doing the following:

1. Seed/breed quality. Use improved seeds/breeds from a trusted source.

2. Use fertiliser

3. Plant early during the rainy season

4. Irrigate where feasible

5. Optimize plant density. Not few crops and not so many crops.

6. Get the right market

7. Minimise post harvest losses

8. Practice integrated pest management

9. Manage farm costs

10. Hire the right person to manage the farm.

11. Diversify crops/animals so you have multiple income streams

The idea behind all this is to maximise farm yield/output while minimising costs. Track all income and costs to ensure you’re are making a profit. Otherwise your farm may just be another expensive hobby.

(the pic shows some of the crops at our farm)

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