Avoid burnout

The journey to financial independence is really hard and will typically take about ten years of hard work. It’s very easy to get tired and give up. Whether you are building a career or business or investments, you need to recharge and reboot regularly.

The following practices may help:

1. Walk. A daily walk in the sun can fix many of life’s mental problems like stress, fatigue, worry, and anxiety.

2. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

3. Play. Find a hobby where you can play, compete, laugh, and sweat

4. Smile. Keep a positive outlook. The world is not as terrible as you imagine it to be

5. Believe in a higher power. Just make sure your spiritual leader doesn’t swindle your savings

6. Nurture relationships with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and a few strangers (in that order!). Your relationship with your spouse is the most important and when it breaks down there is chaos in your life

8. Meditate and pray. This practice allows you to quiet your mind and reflect on your life’s journey

9. Eat right. Cut out sugar, processed foods, and too much alcohol. Eat more natural foods, fruits, vegetables, and greens.

10. Exercise. Develop a daily routine where you strain physically and sweat a bit. Exercise is real medicine for the brain and the body.

11. Reduce overconsumption of news and social media. The news will make you depressed. Too much social media will make you anxious and jealous of other people’s seemingly perfect lives. No one is perfect. Everyone is struggling with something. Run your own race.

12. Sleep. Early to bed, early to rise. Get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. Sleep works miracles to restore mental health.

The biggest risk for hardworking, enterprising people is burnout. This manifests in stress, body pains, irritability, depression, frequent illness, etc. These practices can definitely help to restore balance and renew your strength to pursue financial independence.

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