Playing hard to get

Many men will confess that a lady who plays hard to get is seemingly more attractive than the easy one. This is because the chase is quite thrilling compared to actually winning the prize.

It therefore implies that we should not be afraid of going after things which seem hard to get. There is magic in chasing after financial freedom. The actual reward is in the journey and not the money.

The process of building a business is more meaningful than achieving success. Getting out of debt is hard, but quite enticing.

If you struggle with spending you can consider setting up a playing hard to get account. It’s difficult to withdraw money from such an account. For example if you fix the money for a year then you are forced to leave the money intact. You can also set up a joint account with your spouse. So you have to explain to someone else why you want to withdraw money. This reduces the propensity for reckless spending.

An asset which plays hard to get can preserve wealth for the long term. Disposing of land is not so easy and so your wealth is preserved for a long time. A retirement account like NSSF also plays hard to get and can really compound your savings.

So it appears that playing hard to get is not so bad after all.

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