Crossing the valley of despair

Every new project or business you start goes through a predictable emotional cycle of change. First there is excitement and the hope of good things to come. Everything seems great. This stage is usually called uninformed optimism. You are typically blind to the difficulty ahead of you.

As you progress you start encountering problems and all sorts of challenges. The excitement slows down. Stress begins to appear. You start working harder. You are now an informed pessimist. You can clearly notice that the road ahead is not as easy as you anticipated.

Eventually things become overwhelming. Problem after problem comes after your way. You wonder you even started this project. There is no end in sight. Most people give up at this stage. However this is the stage which separates success from failure. This is the time to garner all your strength and push through this valley of despair.

If you manage to pass through the valley of despair you begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. You get some small wins. Your perseverance starts to pay off. This is informed optimism. Momentum finally returns and you reach success and fulfillment.

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