JOMO – Joy of Missing Out

I am sure you’ve heard about FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. This fear of missing out drives people to follow the crowd. Everyone wants to drive similar cars to their peers. People want to invest in what everyone else is investing in. People want to study what everyone is studying. Everyone wants to buy the newest things in town.

Following the crowd had evolutionary benefits in the past. The tribes that stayed together were able to survive longer than individuals who wandered off alone. Tight-knit groups were able to support each other, gather food, and fight off wild animals and aggressive neighbors. There was also division of labour in a tribe. Some people would hunt, some would fight, others would tend to the crops. So in the ancient times it was often safer and more prudent to stick with the crowd.

However, society has since dramatically changed. We no longer live in the jungle and sticking with the tribe is not a matter of life and death anymore. Yet we are still so afraid to curve our own paths. 

There can be wisdom in the crowds but sometimes crowds can lead you down a cliff. Take the case where all your friends are investing in a pyramid scheme and making lots of money. Fearing to miss out, you follow them into this very risky venture and you end up losing a lot of money.

This is where JOMO or the Joy of Missing Out comes in. JOMO is about choosing your own path. It’s about taking a chance on yourself. It’s about refusing to conform to society. It’s about choosing to make a difference. It’s about listening to the crowd but acting contrary to it. You don’t have to follow every fad around town. You’re a special being created with a special purpose. Don’t wander around town aimlessly. Leave your mark. Change your reality. Have some fun missing out on things.

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