Is this the beginning or the end?

We all go through situations in life.

However, some people cope much better than other people.

The secret might be in how they view and approach the situation.

Some people see situations as the beginning and some people see them as the end.

The people who view situations as the end seem to have a hard time coping with their problems.

This is because when you view something as the end, it means there’s no opportunity to change it or to do anything about it.

Viewing things as the end is a defeatist approach to life.

On the other hand, you could choose to view things as the beginning.

When you see things as the beginning, it means there is an opportunity to grow and to thrive.

It means there is a possible better future ahead of you.

It means you can keep working and forging a path forward.

For instance, if a business fails, you can choose to see it as the beginning or the end.

It could be the end of your career, or your project.

But it could also be the beginning of something new.

Perhaps it’s a chance to enter a new business.

Perhaps it’s a chance to pursue a new career.

When we view things, as the beginning, it gives us a chance to achieve our most passionate goals.

And this is definitely something we should train our minds to do more often.

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