Learn how to do hard things well

Success comes from doing hard things well. All worthwhile endeavors are hard. Getting in shape is hard. Pursuing a degree is hard. Starting a business is hard. Investing is hard and fraught with risk. Saving money is hard and boring. However we have no choice since the only road to success is through difficulty.

There are three responses whenever we encounter something difficult. The first is to freeze. Freezing stops you in your tracks but gets you nowhere. The second possible response is to flee. Fleeing negates all the progress you’ve made up to this point. Fleeing from hard things is a very bad habit. The third and most appropriate response is to fight on. This is the most progressive approach. Choosing to fight on is the only strategy which gets you closer to your goals.

When you choose to fight on carefully recognise the problem and what caused it. The root cause of the problem might be a mistake or a weakness which you can begin to correct so you can try again. This iterative process will take you closer to the promised land. Approached this way, failure is nothing to fear anymore. Failure is simply deviation from a chosen course. This deviation can be corrected as long as you keeping heading in the right direction.

Successful people in all fields have mastered how to do hard things well. So should you!

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