When all hope seems lost

Sometimes life gets really difficult.

The news is filled with a lot of suffering, all over the world.

We are losing loved ones everyday.

People are losing their livelihoods.

It seems as if the future is bleak.

And it’s very easy to get into a depressive state.

But all hope is not lost.

We should not despair.

History reminds us that this too shall pass.

Whatever we are going through will ultimately come to an end.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

We should not forget how far we’ve come.

We still have a purpose to fulfill on this planet.

We should not be blinded by what we see outside.

The truth is separate from the reality we see.

The truth comes from within.

Our five senses can only detect a small portion of reality. That means there’s a lot of good and opportunity, we often miss even in difficult situations.

So, we need to train our minds to see the good in every circumstance.

We should not be overwhelmed by the news.

Remember energy flows where we focus our attention.

So, if our attention is on all the negative news, then that’s where all our energy will flow.

So, it is much better instead to focus on something positive, on something which builds us and our community.

So we should focus on things, like prioritizing our mental health and our physical health.

And also learn something new during this lockdown.

We can practice a hobby we enjoy doing.

We can reach out to loved ones and maintain that social connection.

We can help others and continue to be grateful for the lives we still have.

We can also choose to be a beacon of hope, for all those who seem hopeless, through our example.

We can enrich our spiritual lives, through prayer and meditation.

And remember to keep the faith and hope alive.

For this too shall pass.

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