8 signs you might be a serial entrepreneur

  1. Restless. You’re are full of energy and vitality. You move from one thing to the other. You are not comfortable with the status quo.
  2. Too many talents. You have multiple gifts and seem to do well in many fields. You are not afraid to enter fields where you don’t have expertise.
  3. Made money as a child. You earned some money while you were growing up. This demonstrates you had an instinct for business.
  4. Dropped out or disliked school. Very successful entrepreneurs are rarely very educated. They may have disliked or even dropped out of school.
  5. Fear regret more than failure. Serial entrepreneurs would rather fail than regret not trying out a venture.
  6. Try a few ideas at once. Serial entrepreneurs often try out different ideas to see what works. They are not afraid to test out some of their crazy ideas. They are more than willing to lose some money in the process.
  7. Customer of your own business. Many entrepreneurs usually try to solve a personal problem which ends up scaling to other people. Facebook initially began as a student network at Harvard.
  8. Look to fix simple life problems. You’re always trying to solve problems and think outside the box.

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