Using leverage

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. ” ― Archimedes

Archimedes claimed that he could move the world with a long enough lever. Of course Archimedes was performing a thought experiment and utilizing the basic principles of leverage to make his point. By using leverage we can convert a small force into a great effect. In essence one plus one is greater than two.

Wealthy people know how to use this principle of leverage to great effect. They leverage their time by only focusing on a few things or projects with the highest potential returns. They leverage knowledge by only acquiring information and skills which gives the highest possible returns. They wisely use debt to magnify their potential returns. They tap into other people’s time, skills and money to optimize their investments. They use leverage to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

In essence if we had the right knowledge, mindsets, skills, tools, and strategies we could all become very wealthy. The reverse is true as well. If these things are not utilized then great pain ensues. The way to wealth is to leverage these attributes. And like Archimedes said, with the right leverage we can literally move the world.

So what can you leverage today to improve your finances?

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